Apr 24, 2017

Last Embryo V1 Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Sakamaki Izayoi, Mikado Tokuteru and Prithvi Mata - as the three of them left "Don Bruno"...

"So, what are you going to do from now on, Tokuteru. Are you even going to use Buddha's "Touiriten"?"

"No, this time, we don't need to go that far. Get on both of you."

Last Embryo V1 Chapter 6

Chapter 6

On the morning of the second day, Sakamaki Izayoi and Mikado Tokuteru went to the French cuisine restaurant, “Don Bruno”, that was situated near the orphanage. It was because of Tokuteru’s strong demand to “fill his stomach” that they have come to this place. However, as they have reached the front it, Izayoi stared at the curtains of the door bitterly.

“...... Are we really going in there? It’s not even open yet, is it?”

Okaa-san V1 Epilogue


“Aah geez, so irritating! What is it!? What do you want to say to me!? It doesn’t really matter anyway, does it!? In any case, we’re inside of a game! Let mama do what she likes!”

“This is the result of you doing whatever you like! You have troubled everyone involved quite a lot! Moreover, what is that!? Making a furniture out of handsome men, are you insane!? Even getting led around by a normal host is still better than that!”

Okaa-san V1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - A child is a child and a parent is just a parent, there are various issues to being humans, but doing something about them is what being a pair of parent and child is all about.

Masato came out of the hot spring and headed towards the dressing room.

Right in there, probably prepared by the village chief, a dangerous, yet attractive thing was prepared.

“......It says, Maman’s milk......!?”

No, hold on. Don’t misunderstand. What was prepared was the classic treat taken after coming out of a bath, some well-chilled milk(in a bottle). It was made from cow milk produced in the Maman village, hence the name.

Okaa-san V1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - He never once thought that having an understanding mother was good

The sky they saw was sunny, without a single speck of cloud. Gently blowing breeze would at times brushed against their backs. It was time to advance.

It was a great day to start a journey and seek adventures.

“Alright then, let’s get going! Everyone, follow me!”

Apr 18, 2017

Okaa-san V1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Underwear is protective gear. Defense area must be large. Otherwise the son will die!

A voice was trying to wake up Masato who was still sleeping. That voice did not have a fragment of gentleness.

“Hey, get up already. Drinking mama’s milk first thing in the morning is part of a mothercon hero’s routine, right? Get up now and go drink it already. You can’t wait to see your mama, right?”

Apr 8, 2017

Okaa-san V1 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - It’s just a coincidence that there are only girls. Don’t misunderstand. Don’t look at me with that smile.

The tutorial was over. It was finally time to start the journey.

Masato and Mamako moved out from the transportation palace, crossed the last bridge from the floating island, and reached an island that was the end point and also the depart point.

And then, the two who were standing on the Magic Circle drawn on the ground waited for that moment.

Apr 6, 2017

Majo no Tabitabi V1 Chapter 8

Majo no Tabitabi V1 Chapter 8
Chapter 8: During the Journey: The Tale of Two Men Competing Over a Woman

Part 1

It was the post-rain forest where flowers shone from the lights spilling from the trees. The beautiful girl mounted her broom and flew off in a straight path that stretched from there through the horizon.

A star-shaped brooch on her chest. One hand on her three-pointed hat to keep it from being blown away by the wind. A black robe wrapped around her body. No matter how you look at it, she's a Witch. Who is she?

Apr 1, 2017

Okaa-san V1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Just when the youth’s grand adventure is about to begin......Eh, what the heck is this......

“Looks like everyone is done. Then starting collecting from the back.”

Following the instruction of the male lecturer standing at the podium, students seated at the last row started collecting the booklets.

The survey distributed to students was 【Parent-Child Awareness Survey】. It was not printed on copier paper, but on high quality paper that was made into a booklet. It was an important-looking booklet just like the question paper used for National Academic Performance Survey.