Mar 24, 2017

Amagi Brilliant Park V3 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Let’s go to the land of magic

In the office, during the afternoon of a business holiday―――

“Seiya, I need the stamp fumo.”

Moffle asked, holding out the maintenance manifest for the Sweet House. Coming to an impasse while reconsidering the post-May renovation plan, Seiya, with his frustration exposed, scowled at Moffle.

Mar 17, 2017

Amagi Brilliant Park V3 Chapter 3 Part 7+

Part 7

That evening after closing hours at the park―――

“I’m Handing over these documents, is that all?”

Isuzu asked.

Tiramie was on today’s substitute duty, and it was Moffle’s turn to sit in for tomorrow.

“Yup, that’s about it mii-. “

Mar 16, 2017

Last Embryo V1 Chapter 5

Last Embryo V1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Part 1

 ───Aquatic city of "Underwood".

Garden restaurant of "Six Scars".

With Kuro Usagi’s suggestion, Saigō Homura, Ayazato Suzuka and Kudō Ayato were brought to the riverside restaurant from where the “Spirit Train” could be seen clearly. The terrace was crowded with visitors who had come to see the “Spirit Train”, that was going in and out of the water in 10 minute intervals. Never before seen cuisine like grilled Sakurami bird, Peryton’s ham and eggs, giant pumpkin cold soup and such various things were carried to the table.

Mar 12, 2017

We Are Recruiting

Currently, we are in need of editors for Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan and Amagi Brilliant Park
We have enough Editors for now.

 We are also looking for TLC for our other projects, and are also open to translators who like to join us. 


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Mar 4, 2017

Vanquish Overlord V1 Chapter 1 Part 1

First Encounter - Argus City
This world should be more interesting, where you can do anything you want.

Extraordinary genius Balthazar Asimov who was the developer of Factor, after lying that they were Nanomachines with the goal of improving the environment with factors, and spread them around the world, he had left this world after leaving those words behind.

Vanquish Overlord V1 Prologue


STR: Higher the value, higher the physical ability rises.
AGI: Higher the value, higher the things like reflexes rise.
INT: Higher the value, higher the brainpower rises.
CHR: Higher the value, higher the hyper realistic perception ability becomes.
MND: Higher the value, more one can immense in mental world, but also more the sanity is lost.

Factor: Alias of the man-made Nanomachines scattered throughout the world by Balthazar Asimov, waking up the latent abilities of mankind. Those who awakened to Factor are able to acquire abilities that have transcended the humanity.


──Looks like in this world, just about anything goes.

Kiryū Masato thought so as he looked at the scene before his eyes.

It was 8 PM. Inside the pedestrian tunnel with flickering fluorescent lights, Masato had sank down to the floor without even realizing that his bottom was getting soaked by the pool of water.

Feb 21, 2017

Kuusen Madoushi V1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - The robbed sky, then......The girls soaring through the air

Part 1
The whispers of wind Chloe heard was the reason she felt something amiss.

She might have missed it if it wasn’t for that.

“What happened? Chloe senpai?”

Yuri asked while flying at the back to her right.