Feb 21, 2017

Kuusen Madoushi V1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - The robbed sky, then......The girls soaring through the air

Part 1
The whispers of wind Chloe heard was the reason she felt something amiss.

She might have missed it if it wasn’t for that.

“What happened? Chloe senpai?”

Yuri asked while flying at the back to her right.

Kuusen Madoushi V1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - The key to victory lies in her single strike

Part 1
It happened in the Artemia Dorm on the ninth day Kanata became an instructor.

On top of the stairs was the floor of shared space between the male dorm on the right and female dorm on the left. In this five storeys high wide space, Kanata occupied a three-man sofa alone while datas stacked on the nearby table.

Feb 18, 2017

Last Embryo V1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A large waterfall that flowed from a giant tree’s trunk.

An aquatic city built by the riverside.

Enormous birds unheard of were flying about in the sky.

Even while denying the "impossible" scenery that unfolded before his eyes, Saigou Homura, like an ultra-speed computer, was quickly thinking of countermeasures.

Feb 14, 2017

Jan 29, 2017

Majo no Tabitabi V1 Chapter 7

Majo no Tabitabi V1 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Before the Contest Begins

Part 1

Early morning, I have arrived at a certain country. It was a country I saw by chance while flying on broom, so I had no information about what kind of country it was.

It was unneeded for such small village that didn't even have gate, but normally when you enter the country that owns the land, almost always there is an inspection done by the gate soldier.

That said, aside from special cases, they would just ask pretty general questions.

Majo no Tabitabi V1 Chapter 6

Majo no Tabitabi V1 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Happiness in a Jar

Part 1

Calm plains. The wind was blowing across the grassland that seemed like it was dyed in faint green color. The flowers shined from receiving the sunlight, and swayed from the wind just like the water surface.

Looking up, a cloud so small it seemed like it could be touched by hand was leisurely swimming through the sky.

Jan 4, 2017

Kuusen Madoushi V1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - The Red-haired Girl Conveying Her Resolve

Part 1
Centuries ago, the existence called Magical Armoured Insect suddenly appeared.

They robbed the land from humanity’s ancestors, forcing people into the sky ── the Floating Cities. This implied that the residents of the Floating Cities were descendants of the people that once lived on land.

Dec 18, 2016

Last Embryo V1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3

—And then.

Along with the gust of wind, his back appeared.


Homura raised a disarrayed voice and looked at the back that appeared in front of him.

That speed which overturned the moment of life and death couldn’t even be compared with the speed of lightning.